GPS Vehicle Tracking system
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Vehicle tracking system with Fuel monitoring

VTrackingSystem is GPS Vehicle Tracking system and Fuel monitoring in India which enables businesses to manage vehicle tracking in realtime.This GPS vehicle tracker is installed in any vehicle which you want to track and our GPS based vehicle tracking software gives real time tracking and alerts.Our advanced vehicle tracking system gives various activity reports,location, Engine On-Off Status,fuel monitoring and speed alerts.This VTS or Vehicle tracking solution help in reduction in time and money and to run your business operation more efficiently in same time to increase customer satisfaction.

Vehicle Tracker

Our Vehicle tracker is GPS tracking devices for for Car, Truck and various asset tracking.This vehicle tracker and our system support advance features like driver identification, fuel sensors, RFID and data capture.For Vehicle tracking purpose you require vehicle tracker along with mobile SIM card and Web based Service for online tracking of vehicles.This system is based on Global positioning system (GPS) and Global system for mobile communication(GSM).

GPS Tracking Device

Vehicle Tracking Device


About GPS Tracking

To know about GPS tracking,You have to understand what is GPS ? GPS is Global positioning system which used for tracking of vehicles and Fleets freely to use by all civilians around the globe.The GPS tracking devices have both GPS and tracking receivers it becomes easier for users to navigate through the cities as well as allow others to keep their tracks in case they wanted to be spied on.When this GPS tracking devices attached to vehicle or fleet you can monitor and track real time.To enable tracking by GPS, appropriate receivers must be used that are capable of receiving GPS signals even if they are at the other end of the area or globe.This GPS system now active and available in India and ready for vehicle and fleet tracking.GPS india gives real time GPS based vehicle tracking system in India GPS can be used to navigate places within or outside the cities of India. GPS in India works exactly the way it does in other countries of the world, with the exception that GPS of India does not support Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS).

Tracking a Vehicle with GPS

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Process of tracking a vehicle with GPS is far simpler and cheaper as compared to the legacy method, in which people used to hire employees to spy on the vehicles that were on the move. When there is a GPS on vehicle, tracking becomes efficient and faster as well. The reason behind this is that while tracking a vehicle with GPS, the GPS device attached to the vehicle is located by the satellite and the satellite then sends the signals about the position and location of the vehicle to the GPS tracking device. Tracking a vehicle with GPS is important for the organizations that deal in transportation business, as they need to know about the current position of the vehicle so that they can manage the clients accordingly.

How to Track a Vehicle

Vehicle Tracking

How to Track a Vehicle With increase in need for safety and security of their vehicles and peoples.People are searching How to Track a Vehicle? It is quite simple to track a vehicle using a GPS system. To track vehicle, the vehicle must have a GPS device attached to it and the device must be tuned with its corresponding GPS tracking device. The process involved to track a vehicle requires that a vehicle to which a GPS device is attached needs to be located by the satellite and then the satellite transmits the signals to the GPS tracking device that helps vehicle track process complete successfully. In all, if asked ‘How to Track a Vehicle?’ a simple reply can be, ‘to track a vehicle, attach a GPS device to the desired vehicle and tune a GPS tracking device accordingly efficiently’

Logistic and Cargo Tracking

Tracking software for Logistic & Cargo

Vehicle tracking software for Logistic & Cargo company to track real time activity of your vehicle Logistic & Cargo Tracking

Real time Vehicle Tracking

GPS based Personal Vehicle Tracking

Real time vehicle tracking and monitoring for vehicle’s security.

Asset Tracking System

Real time Asset Monitoring

Asset Tracking System for security of valuable asset by GPS based tracking software

GPS based Fleet Management

Advance Fleet Management System

Fleet tracking and monitoring for speed and activity of your large fleet by GPS based fleet management software.

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Vtracking – Vehicle Tracking System for Truck,School Bus,Fleet

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